Guiding principles of the BOGDOL Group  


  • Our customers are at the centre of all our activities

  • With our services we aim to comprehensively address and satisfy our customers' needs.

  • A key feature for ensuring customer satisfaction is the quality of our services which we provide "with heart and soul".

  • We aim to strengthen our position in the market and set ourselves apart from our competitors by offering high quality.

  • We aim to constantly improve our company by investing in new technical processes.

  • We qualify and motivate our employees by means of further and advanced training programmes and in an environment characterised by fairness, freedom from intimidation, discrimination or any kind of coercion.

  • The Bogdol Group is morally committed to the principles of equality, upholding human rights and individual self-determination..


  • Whatever we do, we never lose sight of environmental concerns. We avoid harming the environment and employ suitably approved materials to protect it.