Quality inspection

Quality stems from skill

"Those wishing to be better tomorrow than they already are today need to constantly assess their performance and improve what is already good."

Everything we do at Bogdol is not only based on our strict work ethic and the motivation of our most important resource – our employees – but also on our core value of providing the highest possible quality. And as words should be followed by deeds, we have embedded our idea of quality in a quality management system (QM system).

Ubased on our philosophy, our QM system aims to keep our promise of quality to the customer, in compliance with precisely defined and presented responsibilities. The company-specific quality policy and the resulting quality objectives guarantee that all of our employees involved in providing services know on what basis and how they are to perform the work for our customers.

Service means serving the customer in some way

Our motto is: "We aim to be even better tomorrow than we already are today." And that is our philosophy. For us the term service provider means providing the customer with a service. Based on this principle, the customer is defined as the focus of all our efforts. What this specifically means is defined in our quality-related corporate guidelines:

Our quality-related corporate guidelines – your right as a customer

  • We aim to realise the defined quality level in all business divisions. This is the only way we can guarantee the service quality and reliability expected by our customers and assured by us.
  • We want to ensure that the quality our services remains affordable and sustainable. To this end, we regularly conduct professional reappraisals of the market- and customer-specific requirements.
  • We aim to recruit trained personnel in line with these requirements and set ourselves high standards; namely with regard to the skills, the willingness to work and in terms of the personal attitude of the employees towards the company.
  • By means of permanent self-assessment, we aim to root responsibility for quality in the competent departments rather than relying on auditing and making up for mistakes and complaints.
  • With the aid of appropriate information, training and instructions, we aim to create and maintain the necessary quality awareness of our employees. We are thus committed to working and acting in a quality- and cost-conscious way.
  • By means of the top management's quality officer, we aim to ensure that the necessary quality assurance tasks are performed.
  • By choosing appropriate products from our suppliers, we aim to implement cost-optimised and environmentally-conscious procurement quality.
  • We aim to cost-effectively achieve the required service quality by employing and utilising modern procedures, machinery, equipment and resources.

It is our managers' duty to be living examples of these principles and to implement them in their respective areas.

Quality policy, concrete quality goals and efficient quality organisation – in short our quality management system – ensure that we are actually able to implement our promises at any time.

We would of course be happy to provide you with details of our individual service procedures.

Integration in the area of Human Resources

Living our principles at all operational levels

All executives of our company are familiar with corporate guidelines. We proceed as follows to ensure that they are actually adhered to:

  • The management board and the top management's quality officer directly inform the executive employees and the works council about the quality management goals, objectives and status.
  • Team work and quality seminars are conducted up to foreman, tour-/group leader level by external/in-house trainers (qualification of in-house trainers by means of a train-the-trainer seminar).
  • Information on the goals, objectives and status of the quality management system is provided at quality management group meetings.
  • Collaboration in defining the goals, processes and status of the quality management system during quality management group meetings.
  • In order to actually implement and continually develop these principles, we have set up a quality management organisation.

Our quality management organisation:

The fact that our QM system actually works sustainably is essentially due to specially qualified employees. This is why we systematically determine the qualification requirements of our skilled personnel and executives at regular intervals. We teach the necessary skills at all levels within the framework of comprehensive training programmes and measures.

We have also set up quality management groups in order to be able to implement the quality philosophy right up to the executive level. A quality manager, who is in control of everything and who implements the quality-relevant operational tasks, has been appointed to coordinate the system.

The quality management groups and material committee permanently monitors the service processes and their implementation, and makes improvements and changes where necessary. We assess our QM system on an ongoing basis and draw the corresponding conclusions. This always guarantees our customers services that are based on the latest, most innovative principles.