Facility management & caretaker services

Building work inevitably involves dirt. This also applies equally to the construction, restoration and renovation of buildings. Once this work has been completed, detailed cleaning – also referred to initial cleaning upon completion of construction work – adds the finishing touches before the owner or tenants move into the building. To achieve representative final results, building dirt - for example, mortar, paint splatters or drilling dust - must be cleaned off surfaces. Protective foils and labels need to be removed completely and dust, smudges and streak wiped away.

The finishing touches for the best first impression

After the general or detailed cleaning, we would be happy to take on the maintenance cleaning if you so request. This protects surfaces against mechanical wear, and thus serves to protect and preserve the value of your property. We also regard safety as a top priority. This is why we use anti-slip cleaning and care products.

Tightened requirements demand quality and innovation

Our regionally-based specialised service teams do everything that is currently technically possible to lend new or converted buildings an attractive appearance. Because we at Bogdol always move with the times, we always keep an eye on the increasing legal requirements and take into account the growing need for the greatest possible hygiene. Thanks to our highly trained staff, innovative cleaning machines and chemical cleaning agents, we are able to deliver what we promise.

The growing number or new buildings and conversions nationwide has led to rising demand for detailed cleaning. But not every provider comes up to standard or lives up to expectations. Our professional work is always preceded by a competent consultation. See for yourself!

We put the finishing touches to the following types of building:

  • Private properties
  • Industrial properties
  • Manufacturing industry (for example in the food industry)
  • Office buildings
  • Public authorities (including, for example, schools, administrative buildings, police stations)
  • Kindergartens, hospital, nursing homes

See for yourself and experience our services first-hand!