Glass and exterior cleaning

Windows and building exteriors should be attractive yet functional. Glass makes both possible at the same time. It's been around for more 7,000 years. Building façades have always been important. After all, they represent something. However, more important still, the front of a building has a protective function. It protects us against the outside world and the harmful influences of soot, salting or the elements. All these factors leave visible traces.

Different building exteriors needs different types of treatment

Professional care and cleaning is often necessary to preserve a façade's functionality and beauty. This is where in-depth specialist know-how is absolutely essential. Especially in these parts, where there are numerous different architectural styles and materials dating back centuries, the properties of building walls and their glass elements differ greatly. At Bogdol, we are familiar with the various types of natural and man-made stone as well as with metal, glass and wooden façades. The bottom line is that each material requires an individual type of treatment. Our primary goal is therefore the preservation of your assets and visible cleaning.

Our glass cleaning services leave you with a 'shining' impression

The same applies for glass, of which there are countless different types. Whether it's antique glass, ornamental glass, lead glass or mirrored glass – these meanwhile indispensable façade elements also have to be treated with the utmost care. Not only does Bogdol have the necessary expertise, it also has innovative technical equipment and glass care products. We are well aware that architecture is becoming increasingly complex and that buildings are becoming ever taller. But you can rest assured that where many would have long since thrown in the towel, we leave a shining impression.

We get the façades of the following building types (extract) shining again:

  • Office and administrative buildings
  • Swimming pools
  • Listed buildings
  • Industrial enterprises/manufacturing industry
  • Private households
  • Public authorities (including, for example, schools, administrative buildings, police stations)

We also offer you:

  • Snow clearing and gritting/outdoor cleaning
  • Graffiti removal
  • Industrial climbers

See for yourself and experience our services first-hand!