Pest control and mould removal

Even old uncle Fritz in Wilhelm Busch's "Max and Moritz" tale of boyish pranks had all manner of trouble with may bugs, fleas and other “vermin” that the two young rascals smuggled into his bed. While such churlishness is no doubt the exception, pests often find their way into commercial promises even without any direct human involvement. Heated offices and sheltered buildings offer an ideal refuge against the cold and natural predators of those small uninvited guests. Moreover, increasing globalisation means that more and more of these tiny exotic creatures are finding their way into our climes.

Rapid and species-specific extermination for the sake of your health

The number of different pest extermination methods is almost as large as the number of species. And all of them have the same goal: To solve the problem quickly and permanently. In doing so, speed is of the essence, because the little intruders cause damage to materials and goods or can pose health risks to you and your customers. Mould in the structural fabric is equally dangerous, but is often not detected until considerably later. The possible consequences for humans and the building can be drastic. Respiratory problems for your employees or crumbling walls are just two examples.

Ecological, economical and sustainable

Thanks to our decades of experience, we offer professional advice on pest control and mould removal in your buildings and plant facilities. And because we at BOGDOL weren't born yesterday, we guarantee a responsible use of pesticides. The materials we use are both economical as well as ecological and guarantee the quick and lasting extermination of pests.

You can count on our experience in the event of:

  • Hygiene pests
  • Stored product pests
  • Material pests
  • Plant pests
  • Parasites

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