Service portfolio

Air conditioning and ventilation duct cleaning
Aircraft cleaning (exterior)
Aircraft cleaning (interior)
Airport cleaning
Asbestos decontamination


Building cleaning
Building restoration


Canteen cleaning 
Caretaker service 
Carpet cleaning 
Catering Cleaning medical practices 
Coating systems 
Collection and delivery services 


Emergency services
Exterior cleaning 


Glass and window frame cleaning
Graffiti removal/anti-graffiti protection
Gutting and dismantling work 

Hospital cleaning

Industrial cleaning
Industrial climbers 

Mould removal 

Office cleaning
Operating theatre cleaning 

Park and gardening services
PCB decontamination
Plant care  

Repair of fire damage
Retirement home cleaning 

School cleaning
Security services
Snow clearing and gritting
Structural fire prevention systems

Vending machine catering 

Water damage repair